Name District
Distance from Nearest Towns
Agia MarinaLefkosia25023 klm W of Lefkosia23 klm E of Morfou
Agios GeorgiosLefkosia19044 klm W of Lefkosia44 klm SW of Morfou
Agios VasileiosLefkosia16018 klm W of Lefkosia18 klm E of Morfou
AgiaLefkosia10019 klm E of Lefkosia
AmmadiesLefkosia18059 klm W of Lefkosia59 klm W of Morfou
AmpelikouLefkosia17051 klm W of Lefkosia51 klm SW of Morfou
AngolemiLefkosia13538 klm W of Lefkosia38 klm SW of Morfou
ArgakiLefkosia10330 klm W of Lefkosia30 klm SE of Morfou
AvlonaLefkosia16024 klm W of Lefkosia24 klm E of Morfou
Beikioi (Bey Koy)Lefkosia-14 klm SE of Lefkosia
ChrysiliouLefkosia-32 klm W of Lefkosia32 klm SE of Morfou
Dyo PotamoiLefkosia15026 klm W of Lefkosia26 klm SE of Morfou
EliaLefkosia10041 klm W of Lefkosia41 klm SW of Morfou
EpichoLefkosia10514 klm SE of Lefkosia
Exo MetochiLefkosia8515 klm E of Lefkosia
FylliaLefkosia-25 klm W of Lefkosia25 klm E of Morfou
GaliniLefkosia25055 klm W of Lefkosia55 klm W of Morfou
GerolakkosLefkosia17010 klm W of Lefkosia
Kalo ChorioLefkosia12546 klm W of Lefkosia46 klm SW of Morfou
KalyvakiaLefkosia19019 klm SE of Lefkosia
KanliLefkosia16011 klm SW of Lefkosia
KapoutiLefkosia15031 klm W of Lefkosia31 klm SE of Morfou
Karavostasi and XerosLefkosia550 klm W of Lefkosia50 klm SW of Morfou
Kato ZodeiaLefkosia9033 klm W of Lefkosia33 klm S of Morfou
KatokopiaLefkosia12529 klm W of Lefkosia29 klm SE of Morfou
KaziveraLefkosia-41 klm W of Lefkosia41 klm SW of Morfou
Kioneli (Gonyeli)Lefkosia1458 klm SW of Lefkosia
KokkinaLefkosia2069 klm W of Lefkosia69 klm W of Morfou
Kourou MonastiriLefkosia9218 klm E of Lefkosia
KyraLefkosia10028 klm W of Lefkosia28 klm E of Morfou
Kythrea and ChrysidaLefkosia16013 klm SE of Lefkosia
LefkaLefkosia14048 klm W of Lefkosia48 klm SW of Morfou

LimnitisLefkosia2061 klm W of Lefkosia61 klm SW of Morfou
LouroukinaLefkosia24020 klm SE of Lefkosia
LoutrosLefkosia26057 klm W of Lefkosia57 klm W of Morfou
MandresLefkosia-5 klm N of Lefkosia
MasariLefkosia13027 klm W of Lefkosia27 klm E of Morfou
Mia MiliaLefkosia-6 klm SE of Lefkosia
MoraLefkosia-17 klm E of Lefkosia
MorfouLefkosia-34 klm W of Lefkosia
Neo ChorioLefkosia-12 klm SE of Lefkosia
NikitasLefkosia-37 klm W of Lefkosia37 klm SW of Morfou
Ortakioi (Orta Koy)Lefkosia-4 klm SW of Lefkosia
PalaikythroLefkosia-13 klm E of Lefkosia
Pano ZodeiaLefkosia10032 klm W of Lefkosia32 klm SE of Morfou
PentageiaLefkosia-45 klm W of Lefkosia45 klm SW of Morfou
PeristeronariLefkosia-46 klm W of Lefkosia46 klm SW of Morfou
PetraLefkosia-43 klm W of Lefkosia43 klm SW of Morfou
Petra tou DigeniLefkosia-17 klm SE of Lefkosia
Potamos tou KampouLefkosia-51 klm W of Lefkosia51 klm W of Morfou
PrastioLefkosia-39 klm W of Lefkosia39 klm SW of Morfou
PyrogiLefkosia-16 klm SE of Lefkosia
SkyllouraLefkosia-19 klm W of Lefkosia19 klm E of Morfou
SyrianochoriLefkosia-39 klm W of Lefkosia39 klm SW of Morfou
TrachoniLefkosia-12 klm SE of Lefkosia
TymvouLefkosia-14 klm E of Lefkosia
VariseiaLefkosia-56 klm W of Lefkosia23 klm W of Morfou
VoniLefkosia11013 klm SE of Lefkosia
XerovounosLefkosia-58 klm W of Lefkosia58 klm W of Morfou
ArsosLarnaka8024 klm E of Lefkosia
MelouseiaLarnaka-22 klm SE of Lefkosia
Tremetousia (Tremethousia)Larnaka-24 klm SE of Lefkosia

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