Name District
Distance from Nearest Towns
Agia EiriniKeryneia5533 klm W of keryneia33 klm N of Morfou
Agios AmvrosiosKeryneia16023 klm E of keryneia
Agios EpiktitosKeryneia756 klm E of keryneia
Agios ErmolaosKeryneia25015 klm SW of keryneia
Agios GeorgiosKeryneia155 klm W of keryneia
AgirdaKeryneia3606 klm SW of keryneia
AgridakiKeryneia45016 klm W of keryneia
AsomatosKeryneia21021 klm W of keryneia21 klm SE of Morfou
BelapaisKeryneia-4 klm SE of keryneia
Charkeia (Chartsia)Keryneia-21 klm E of keryneia
DioriosKeryneia30025 klm W of keryneia25 klm SE of Morfou
EliaKeryneia12510 klm W of keryneia
FotaKeryneia-12 klm SW of keryneia
FterichaKeryneia-9 klm W of keryneia
KalograiaKeryneia14028 klm E of keryneia
KampyliKeryneia25020 klm W of keryneia20 klm SE of Morfou
KarakoumiKeryneia152 klm E of keryneia
KaravasKeryneia7012 klm W of keryneia
KarmiKeryneia3208 klm SW of keryneia
KarpaseiaKeryneia28523 klm W of keryneia23 klm SE of Morfou
Kato DikomoKeryneia-8 klm S of keryneia
KazafaniKeryneia804 klm SE of keryneia

Kiomourtzou (Komurcu)Keryneia-8 klm SW of keryneia
KlepiniKeryneia22010 klm E of keryneia
KontemenosKeryneia22019 klm W of keryneia19 klm SE of Morfou
KormakitisKeryneia19029 klm W of keryneia29 klm N of Morfou
KoutsoventisKeryneia32012 klm SE of keryneia12 klm E of Lefkosia
KriniKeryneia3509 klm SW of keryneia
LapithosKeryneia-13 klm W of keryneia
Larnakas tis LapithouKeryneia30017 klm W of keryneia
LiveraKeryneia6034 klm W of keryneia34 klm N of Morfou
MotidesKeryneia-11 klm W of keryneia
MyrtouKeryneia-24 klm W of keryneia24 klm SE of Morfou
OrgaKeryneia-27 klm W of keryneia27 klm N of Morfou
PalaiosofosKeryneia-11 klm W of keryneia
PanagraKeryneia-23 klm W of keryneia23 klm SE of Morfou
Pano DikomoKeryneia-7 klm S of keryneia
PileriKeryneia-11 klm SW of keryneia
SichariKeryneia-8 klm SE of keryneia
SyskliposKeryneia-15 klm W of keryneia
TemplosKeryneia-3 klm W of keryneia
ThermeiaKeryneia501 klm SE of keryneia
TrapezaKeryneia-13 klm E of keryneia
TrimithiKeryneia-6 klm W of keryneia
Vasileia and VavylasKeryneia-18 klm W of keryneia
VounoKeryneia3809 klm SE of keryneia

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