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Illegal Invasion - Barbaric Occupation - Ethnic Cleansing
Child in Refugee Camp


Cyprus Ethnic Cleansing

The Ethnically Cleansed Communities of Turkish Occupied Cyprus


The Turkish Invasion of 1974

European Commission of Human Rights - Cyprus v. Turkey - Commission Report (10 July 1976)

The Sunday Times on the 1976 European Commission of Human Rights Report on the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus (23rd January 1977)


From Independence to the Turkish Invasion

Report of the United Nations Mediator Galo Plaza to the Secretary-General (1965)

Letter to Prime Minister Inonu from President Johnson (5 June 1964)


Turkish Cypriot Separatism and Partitionism

The "Plumer Letter" (October-November 1960)

The "Kutchuk/Denktash Plan" (14 September 1963)


From the EOKA Revolt to Independence

EOKA's Preparatory General Plan (1953)

EOKA's First Revolutionary Leaflet Distributed (1 April 1955)

The Constitutional Proposals for Cyprus submitted by Lord Radcliffe (December 1956)

The McMillan Plan and the Response of the Kingdom of Greece (1958)

EOKA leaflet ordering a cease-fire (9 March 1959)

Letter sent by General Grivas to the EOKA fighters on the declaration of a cease-fire (9 March 1959)